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143 ◙ I may not be brave or strong or smart

D.Gray-Man → o7
Devil May Cry → o9
Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts → 11
Persona 3 → 28
Tales of → 27
Misc. → 11

Total → 93 icons

I LOL at the redhead invasion.


December 2005: LOL omg my Narutard days; I remember them fondly ;; ♥ BUT ANYWAY compared to what thirteen-year-olds can do NOWADAYS? Oh yeah. These failed hardcore.

January 2007: And then I dropped off for a year until December 2006, when I got Tales of the Abyss and everything started from there. My first Tales of icons~that's...kind of all there is to say about them.

February 2007: AMBITION. I HAS IT.

March 2007: Dear diary--today I learned about textures. I also learned how to abuse textures. ♥ Annay (Crys back then).

May 2007: And um, this was what began my long-term love affair with light textures.

June 2007: OW. y halo thar selective coloring. I would post my own icons in ugly_icons if I wasn't too lazy/ashamed rofl.

July 2007: Alright alright, so things are starting to pick up now. My composition's actually starting to show itself.

August 2007: I had an especially productive period of Tales icons here. Still a little light-texture happy, but at least I kind of look like I know what I'm doing?

October 2007: lol more Tales icons. I also learned how to color manga--of course, it fails epically but HEY I'm generally pleased with myself at this moment in time.

November 2007: The only batch of Air Gear I ever did. Ever. lol I read the first...seventeen chapters and then gave up AHAHAHA. I also finally learn how to use selective coloring effectively; er sort of. Actually, no. Still working on that.

December 2007: I-I think I see a little more improvement. Also regard my growing fondness of black-border textures.

February 2008: First batch of icons on nocturnalites ♥ I think the change of scenery was a good thing.

SPECIAL: talesof_battle

March 2008: ICON EXODUSSS --from my massive 120+ therapeutic icon batch rofl.

April 2008: A rare moment of ingenuity--the ffxiii icons in this batch were some of my absolute favorites ever.

June 2008: Ohman I actually really like the coloring for this batch. After my super-long stint of being known for bright and cheery colors, we finally have something a little more advanced. I was very pleased with this batch ♥

July 2008: lol not a huge improvement, but different techniques.

August 2008: And finally, we come to the present. I have shown some proficiency of skill (read: I DON'T SUCK) and that's good enough for me. 8|b ♥

Really, it's hilarious how bad some of these icons were orz. ;;b Hope you had as great a laugh as I did going through these.
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